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Dear friend, these are very challenging times...

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed and as if your life has lost it's mooring?

Maybe you're living day to day hoping for the best, your emotions see-sawing between boredom and deep dread?

Maybe you miss your usual social circles, the support, levity and connection they offer?

Maybe, to pass the time away you've been catching up on all the Netflix movies and series you'd been meaning to catch-up on... and you're body is starting to feel the effects of too much sitting and not enough moving!

What I've created here for you is designed to support the underlying foundations of your health; healthy metabolism, healthy organs, healthy immune system, all systems working together in harmony. While there cannot be any guarantees, having a strong healthy body, mind and spirit is the best way to face the challenges we all face. 

What if you could...

  • Heal your pain through the right kind of movement

  • Connect with other like minded people virtually to move together, support and be supported

  • Increase lung capacity with little known Tibetan breathing exercises

  • Boost energy and stamina by coordinating breath and movement

  • Repair old injuries and their resulting compensation patterns

  • Strengthen muscles without tearing muscle fibers

  • Relieve anxiety and stress with moving meditation

  • Regain range of motion and flexibility with dynamic stretching techniques

  • Improve joint and connective tissue condition by correcting muscle imbalances

  • Develop better balance and posture

I Would Love To Help You THRIVE Through This Destabilizing Time and Beyond

Healing Movements Journey

  • An evolving movement practice based on ancient healing and martial arts: Qigong, Tai Chi, Tibetan Breathwork and BaQua.

  • An online membership where you will meet and heal with other people from all over the world

  • For people who want improved health, fitness and pain relief, but have not found a solution in Western style exercise, physical therapy, or even gentle yoga.

  • Great for injured athletes who want to get back in their game.

  • A space where you'll also learn about nutrition, immune health, meditation, Chinese Medicine and much more.

Begin Your Healing Movements Journey Now
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Pauline J. Albert, Ph.D.

“Joe Pinella’s Healing Movements are life giving! Joe practices what he preaches, and is a living example of the power of QiGong. I have always hated going to the gym, using weights, and walking on the treadmill. It never felt natural or holistic for me. Doing Healing Movements Qigong makes me strong, keeps me limber, and it is more healing and healthy than the drudgery of the gym.”  

Here's What's Included Inside

The Healing Movements Journey

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You'll Get Instant Access To:

Membership in my online program, Joe Pinella’s Healing Movements System that includes these four sections:

  • Tibetan Breathwork to take in energy and oxygen
  • Tai Chi Kung joint rotations to open energy blocks and loosen stiff joints
  • Ba Duan Jin, or Eight Strands of Brocade to move energy along the acupuncture meridians
  • Cloudy Hands, to let energy flow freely throughout the body

Each section consists of multiple moving poses, 36 in all!

Each pose is clearly demonstrated and then put together into a 45 minute “Exercise along With Joe” video accessible to you at anytime inside of the online portal.

You'll Become Part Of The Healing Movements Community

Here are some ways you can participate inside of the community:

  • We meet "virtually" every week for a movement class.*
  • Join me on a live weekly Q & A call where I can answer any of your questions.*
  • Guest speakers will cover all aspects of health and wellbeing; nutrition, keeping your immune system strong, mindfulness, other alternative/complementary modalities, and more.
  • There is a consecrated space inside of the online portal for community where you can post your questions, share stories, support others and be supported!
  • A closed and private members only Facebook group.
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+ Plus You'll Get Instant Access To These Bonus Daily Practice Videos Immediately

  • Bamboo Shadows Breathing Exercises
  • Back Warm Up Routine
  • Shake!
  • Arthritis Relief for Hands
  • Wrist Injury
  • Shoulder Pain Reliever
Become A Member Of The Healing Movements Journey + Your Bonus Daily Practice Videos Today
* All virtual classes and calls will be recorded and be fully accessible to members via the online portal and you will have the opportunity to submit any questions ahead of time if you can't attend live. 
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Jackie Marana

"After no more than 5 of Joe’s classes I am moving with a 90% reduction in discomfort, hiking briskly daily and hitting approximately 200 tennis balls hard from a practice machine at least three times a week. Whereas previously I would have had pain for days following such activity, I feel really good. Amazingly good! I also had recent ‘catastrophic fracture’ of my kneecap that has healed in record time according to my trauma surgeon. No PT needed.

My depression following the death of my spouse has finally lifted and according to my brilliant physician, a double blind study at the University of Arizona med Center has proven that Qigong lifted depression significantly in heart transplant patients.

I have a new lease on life."

The Healing Movements Journey is perfect for you if you're... 

  • Ready to feel better once and for all

  • Eager to heal your pain and take back control of how you feel inside and out

  • Enthusiastic about supporting your overall health and wellbeing and feeling better than ever!

  • Craving the connection of a positive community where you will learn, grow and heal together

Joe Pinella has studied and practiced the ancient Chinese healing arts of Qigong and Tai Chi Kung for over fifty years. The real test of his experience came in 1991 when he broke his neck and back in a horrific auto accident in Flagstaff Arizona, that left him quadriplegic.

Using these arts he was able to overcome severe disabilities and regain the use of his body, with no pain and no limitations. Desire.....Determination......and Dedication, coupled with these arts, gave him back his life!

He now uses his personal healing experience to empower others to rehabilitate and recover their health and live a better quality of life using his “Healing Movements System”.

How I've Helped Others

Watch these testimonials to get an idea of The Healing Movements Journey can help YOU too!


You're always welcome to reach out and ask any questions you may have, but first scroll through this extensive list of frequently asked questions, you may find the answer you're looking for!

Your Healing Movements Journey Premium Membership

$27 Monthly*

You'll Get:

  • Full on-demand access to The Healing Movement System at your fingertips available from any device
  • Live, weekly group calls with Joe both practicing The Healing Movements System and Q&A's
  • In depth instruction on how to do each movement correctly for the greatest benefit
  • A Community Feature With Additional Healing Techniques, Videos Resources And More...
  • A Step-by-step plan to create a Practice that will keep you pain-free for life
  • A Closed Facebook Community For Support And Motivation
  • All Of The Bonus Daily Practice Videos

* A one-time set-up fee of $97 (+$27 first months fee) will be applied upon purchase with a monthly fee of $27 thereafter