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Take control of your own health and healing with a gentle, restorative movement program.

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Discover the once-secret healing arts that makes it possible to release chronic aches and pain for good!

…the very same healing arts that saved my life.
Healing Movements Arts are based on a 5000-year-old medical art that heals your body... by correcting the underlying cause of your pain...not just covering up symptoms... allowing you to release pain, feel younger and fitter… and restore your youthful energy levels!
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Hi! I’m Joe Pinella, the creator of the Healing Movements System.
 After a catastrophic car accident, I was diagnosed quadriplegic and told by doctors that I would never move below the neck again.
To someone who has never been given no hope for recovery, it’s hard to explain just how awful the feeling is. Having to wake up every single day of your life wishing everything would just end already. And yet, thousands of people endure despair like this every day.
Against all odds, I used the ancient Chinese healing techniques of Qi Gong, Tai Chi Kung, Ba Qua and Tai Chi to relieve my pain, regain my strength and train my body to walk again.
My life changed forever, for a reason, so that I can help others. It's my calling and my invitation to you.
Today I help people who have been let down by conventional medicine, heal their pain, support their health, and get their lives back again.


Yes! I want Healing Movements System

I Want You To Know There Is Hope for Chronic Pain...And A Roadmap To Recovery

You may have tried every treatment out there: injections, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture… even prescription drugs and surgery!

You may have wasted thousands of dollars and lots of your precious time.

But if nothing has come close to making you feel normal again…bear with me: THERE IS HOPE!

I am living proof that it is possible to not only bounce back from pain, but also to feel better than you ever have in your whole life!

Your body has a powerful innate self-healing ability. You just have to know the right way to turn it on.

Let Me Guess Why You're Here:

(And I'm glad you are!)

  • You have chronic aches and pains that you think are just due to getting older (they're not!)

  • You have been trying to stay in shape, or play your favorite sport, but you seem to be losing ground.
  • You have been diagnosed with a chronic condition like arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, lupus, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, and you want to keep moving-without pain.
  • You want more energy and stamina.
  • Since that seemingly minor  injury, you've never not gotten back to your old self again.
  • You have had a serious accident or stroke and you want to regain the ability to move freely again.
  • You don't like the stressful, competitive gym culture, but you want to get healthy and fit.
  • Even the most gentle yoga or exercise hurts.
  • You need a gentle, healthy way to de-stress.
Do Any Of These Sound Like You?
Yes! I want Healing Movements System

Barbara Says,

"Joe Pinella saved my life."


Joe's Story

There was a time I had given up all hope of living a normal life...doing everyday things I used to take for granted..

They told me I would never recover. You know how that feels. Frustrating. Hopeless. Desperate...

But, I was given a gift...one that I'd like to share with you. The gift of hope. During the surgery that saved my life when I broke my neck...I had a funny experience...

...an absolute knowing that I could be OK again.

I didn't know how, but I knew...


The Healing Movements System Teaches You The Same Gentle, Restorative Movement Program That I Used To Recover From Devastating Pain And Injury.

It Has Helped Thousands Of Others Heal Their Pain Too.

Here's Why:

Relieving pain and stiffness... and overcoming movement limitations requires the right kind of movement. Movement is medicine... but not all kinds of exercise heal pain.

The right kind of movement combines slow, mindful movement sequences coordinated with the breath... which takes your nervous system out of the sympathetic "fight or flight" mode.

Your body cannot heal unless the nervous system is in the parasympathetic mode, the relaxation response. 

These low impact movements increase stamina, endurance and overall energy while relieving pain. 

You can learn these gentle, yet powerful movements in the privacy of your own home.

 The Healing Movements System can work for anyone... at any age in any physical condition.

Yes! I want to heal my pain now!

The Healing Movements System

The Healing Movements System is a blend of the ancient Chinese healing arts, Tai Chi and Chi Gong. It can be used by anyone, starting from any physical condition. The exercises can be done standing up or sitting down.

The Exercise Along with Joe segment is a 45-minute gently invigorating, whole-body workout that can be done daily. Or can be broken up into smaller portions to do throughout the day.

Detailed How-Tos

I have included a 30-minute demonstration of all the movements. They include how and why you should make each movement to the best of your ability. 

The key to making this program work for you is to always exercise within your limits! The goal is not to make the movements “look right,” but to let them do their magic at your current level of ability.  Never strain. Never push.  Trying too hard will only impede your progress!

Take It with You

Fit the Healing Movement System into your busy life. You can use this life-changing program on your computer, or from an app on your phone or tablet. Take it with you when you travel. 

Brianne Says:

I am a 35 years old yoga instructor. I've done yoga for most of my life and have been very dedicated to my yoga practice. I discovered Healing Movements System when my mother took private sessions with Joe for serious physical problems with her back, hip and neck. I was shocked to find out that his program helped her ease her pain quickly and effectively when years of yoga did not. I am now a dedicated Qigong practitioner, studying with Joe. I still do some yoga, but Qigong is my mainstay. Thanks Joe! 

Brianne La Freniere RN





I was very athletic for most of my adult life...until I suffered a back injury. My orthopedist told me to stop all but the most minimal activity. Two years later I was depressed and out of shape. That’s when I discovered Joe Pinella and his wonderful Healing Movements System. The exercises were not vigorous, like those I had done for years, but somehow they made me feel better. I felt better emotionally, too—calmer and less stressed.
Kathryn Lance, best-selling author of Running for Health and Beauty and
Getting Strong.
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